Lake Tahoe Memorial Day Weekend (May 2000)
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0 Intro.jpg 01 On our first day we started our first, long bike tour.jpg 02 Well, we did not start at 0, but still....jpg 03 Marne Powerwoman.jpg 04 I only ride my bike on logs, if available.jpg 05 Yeah!.jpg 06 Our first vista point.jpg 07 Green trees, blue lake, white capped mountains.jpg
08 Once more....jpg 09 Roughing it.jpg 10 Little red things along our path.jpg 11 Little white things along our path.jpg 12 Above the snow line.jpg 13 3 weeks later this meadow would be blooming.jpg 14 Another view from around the corner.jpg 15 Rest at a creek.jpg
16 At the creek, bikes in the background.jpg 17 End of the first day, back at the lake.jpg 18 The second day I started with playing Age of Empires with dad over the net.jpg 19 Second day, another bike tour.jpg 20 We took this lift before in winter.jpg 21 More vistas.jpg 22 Posing.jpg 23 Really cold water.jpg
24 I started on a bike tour by myself and encountered obstacles.jpg 25 This was the end of the bike tour, the road was then continually snow-packed.jpg 26 Tahoe forests.jpg 27 Challenge.jpg 28 On our third day we drove around the lake. Litlle rest at the boulders north-east..jpg 29 A bit further down... forgot what it is called.jpg 30 They are nuts... freezing cold water.jpg 31 Before he hit the rocks.jpg
32 Emerald Isle is at the south-west corner of the lake.jpg 33 Full view of Emerald Bay.jpg 34 The Emerald and the Diamond.jpg 35 Near Emerald Bay we found a waterfall.jpg 36 More waterfall.jpg 37 Goofing around.jpg 38 Water streaming down along the big fall.jpg 39 Scary to drive in winter, since it goes steeply down on bothe sides.jpg
40 FUN4OLI serving as a truck.jpg