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How it all started...

October 1998: Daddy on the Bay

Stitched Panoramas

These panoramas are combined from individual photos. I stitch them with Microsoft ICE (which I love).

The best way to view these is to …

1.     Download them onto your computer (right-click on link and choose “Save As…”)

2.    On your computer open them in a photo viewer program

3.    View them …

a.    so that the longer side fits to the edges of your screen, and then scroll to both sides, or

b.    at 100% of screen resolution and then scroll left and right and up and down

·         3/28/2010: Copenhagen from above

·         3/28/2010: Santiago

·         3/27/2010 a: Peulla

·         3/27/2010 b: Across the lakes

·         3/26/2010 a: Llao Llao Hotel

·         3/26/2010 b: Cerro Otto

·         3/25/2010 a: Views along Ruta 40

·         3/25/2010 b: Views along Ruta 40

·         3/25/2010 c: Views along Ruta 40

·         3/25/2010 d: View of Lago Argentino

·         3/24/2010: Perito Moreno Glacier

·         3/23/2010: Ushuaia from above

·         3/22/2010: Tierra del Fuego

·         3/20/2010: Valdes peninsula sunset

·         3/19/2010: Punta Tombo Penguins

·         3/18/2010 a: Quebremada Rocks

·         3/18/2010 b: Siete Colores Hill in Pumamurca

·         3/18/2010 c: Road to Salinas

·         3/18/2010 d: Road to Salinas 

·         3/18/2010 e: View of the valley leading to the Salina 

·         3/18/2010 f: Salina Mud

·         3/17/2010 a: View from Cerro Chico hotel

·         3/17/2010 b: Quebrada Humahuaca

·         3/17/2010 c: Road to Iruya

·         12/25/2009: Capitola to Moss Landing

·         10/19/2009: A vertical wall at Kings Canyon

·         10/19/2009: The entry valley to Kings Canyon National Park

·         10/18/2009: 360 degree view from Moro Rock at Sequoia National Park

·         10/18/2009: A vertical view of a Sequoia

·         9/20/2009: Pan of financial center Li Zia Shui

·         9/20/2009: Views from World Financial Center

·         View to the west, to Puxi, Wide

·         View to the west, to Puxi, Narrow

·         View to the east, to Pudong

·         9/19/2009: Shanghai from the JW Marriott hotel

·         Wide shot

·         Closer shot

·         9/16/2009: Pudong view from Eton hotel room

·         9/16/2009: The Shanghai Bund by night from Pudong

·         Sept 2009: Quebec mountain lake

·         Sept 2009: Quebec mountain lake with water plane




Shooting Date


Dad’s 70th Birthday, Eberbach Monastery

April 2009


Orlando, FL (ASUG Conference)

May 2006


Tampa, FL (GITA Conference)

April 2006


China (Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Lijiang)

April 2006


Sedona, AZ

March 2006


Palm Springs, CA (ESRI Partner Conference )

March 2006


China (Shanghai and Beijing)

November 2005


Lake Tahoe Mountainbiking

October 2005


Seattle and BC

August 2005


ESRI UC, San Diego, Baja

July 2005


Inland Empire, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Phoenix

June 2005


Germany, Belgium, Mosel

May/June 2005


Philadelphia and Washington, DC

May 2005


Playa Del Carmen

Jan 2005


San Diego (IUI Conference)

Jan 2005


Las Vegas, NV (CES Show)

Jan 2005


Belize (Country and Sailing)

Nov/Dev 2003


New England

Oct 2003


Oahu (Hawai'i)

Sep 2003


Sailing Blaine (Seattle) - SF (Magnolia)

Aug/Sep 2003


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Jul 2003


Maui, Hawaii

New Years 2002/2003


Mountainbiking Moab, Utah

Thanksgiving 2002


Sailing St. Lucia / St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Feb 2002

Sailing Delta, trip 4 (on Mais Oui)

Aug 2001


Sailing Seattle - SF (Mais Oui)

July 2001


Sailing Baja

Nov 2000

Delta Sailing Trip (number 3)

July 2000

Lake Tahoe Memorial Day Weekend

May 2000

Sailing Tonga

Jan 2000

Delta Sailing Trip (number 2)

Summer 1999

My Best Photos

Since I got my first digital camera in 2001 I kept just a few photos in their original format to maybe print them one day.  If you are interested to get one or more of these photos just let me know.

My Daily Photos

This is more of a test to see what it looks like to upload all "Daily Photo Email" pictures since I got my digital camera. It really started on 6/26/2001 when I got my Sony digital camera, but before that I had borrowed a camera from work.

Currently the text is missing. I want to look for a simple photo blog software and try that out... If you are interested to be added to the daily photo email distribution list please email me.


1999 : Whole Year (well, one photo)


2000 : Whole Year


2001 : First Half ... Second Half


2002 : First Half ... Second Half


2003 : First Half ... Second Half


2004 : First Half ... Second Half


2005 : First Half ... Second Half




Shooting Date


Marlene Winetasting

February 2006


Rebuilding Together

April 2001


Wok Cooking Session 2

April 2001


Birthday 2001

March 2001


Wok Cooking Session 1

March 2001

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