2001 Second Half Daily Photos
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2001-07-17 1 - Picking up the car.jpg 2001-07-17 2 - Where the coolant came out.jpg 2001-07-17 3 - Men at work.jpg 2001-07-17 4 - Its new home....jpg 2001-07-18 Touch Football 1.jpg 2001-07-18 Touch Football 2.jpg 2001-07-18 Touch Football 3.jpg 2001-07-18 Touch Football 4.jpg
2001-07-18 Touch Football 5.jpg 2001-07-20a At Dinner With Colleagues.jpg 2001-07-20b Love my Sony.jpg 2001-07-20c Tea Break.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 01.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 02.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 03.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 04.jpg
2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 05.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 06.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 07.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 08.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 09.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 10.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 11.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 12.jpg
2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 13.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 14.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 15.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 16.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 17.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 18.jpg 2001-07-26 SAP Labs Chicago 19.jpg 2001-07-27 1.jpg
2001-07-27 2.jpg 2001-07-27 3.jpg 2001-07-27 4.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - In the herb garden.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - Jaideep took over from me as the SG manager - I asked him whether the employees ever cause him trouble.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - Meeting room with video conferencing unit.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - Next to the dining area... a favourite hangout.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - Our customer demo center - under repair.jpg
2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - Our new building 1.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - Our new building 2.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - The herb garden... our cooks use it for the kitchen.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - View of our campus with fog in background.jpg 2001-07-28-2 SAP Labs - Willie, Agapius, and Chuck.jpg 2001-07-28-3 Conf Tech 1.jpg 2001-07-28-3 Conf Tech 2.jpg 2001-07-28a Chicago 1.jpg
2001-07-28b Chicago 2.jpg 2001-07-28c Shirts.jpg 2001-07-29 4 Shades Of Blue.jpg 2001-07-29 Love my Sony.jpg 2001-07-29 Salmon.jpg 2001-07-30 Anti-Tobacco Ad.jpg 2001-07-31 Wild One.jpg 2001-07-31b Redrawing the rollerhockey centerline.jpg
2001-08-01 Marian in the Saddlerack.jpg 2001-08-02a The Problem.jpg 2001-08-02b Consumer Test.jpg 2001-08-03 A Patriot.jpg 2001-08-04a Oli at Twin Peaks.jpg 2001-08-04b View of the City.jpg 2001-08-05 The baby's washcloth.jpg 2001-08-06a Apples.jpg
2001-08-06b All Cereals!.jpg 2001-08-06c Candy.jpg 2001-08-07a Completely unfaked Rollerhockey action.jpg 2001-08-07b Peace after the game - Mark, Oliver, Bryan, moi.jpg 2001-08-07c In the British pub giving us a reward.jpg 2001-08-08a Marne cautiously opening the bottle.jpg 2001-08-08b Very nice color.jpg 2001-08-08c The tasting test.jpg
2001-08-09 Hummingbird.jpg 2001-08-10a Me pointing at Brad.jpg 2001-08-10b Brad pointing at me.jpg 2001-08-11 Nuclear Bay Sunset.jpg 2001-08-12 Stroll over Stanford campus.jpg 2001-08-13 Rocket Science.jpg 2001-08-14 Flying Hermes.jpg 2001-08-15 Uli's Socks.jpg
2001-08-16a MV House 1.jpg 2001-08-16b MV House 2.jpg 2001-08-18a SF... Marriott Hotel.jpg 2001-08-18b SF... Relaxed Businessman.jpg 2001-08-18c SF... Red Light With Countdown.jpg 2001-08-20a CSU Chico Campus.jpg 2001-08-20b On my way back to SF, on 505.jpg 2001-08-20pm Palo Alto Sunset 1.jpg
2001-08-20pm Palo Alto Sunset 2.jpg 2001-08-20pm Palo Alto Sunset 3.jpg 2001-08-22 Moon behind Fayette Arms.jpg 2001-08-23a Indian food by the Adhvaryus.jpg 2001-08-23b Oli, Krishna, and Jaideep.jpg 2001-08-24a The guy with the music machine.jpg 2001-08-24b Resting at Palace of Fine Arts.jpg 2001-08-24c Conquering the streets of Pacific Heights.jpg
2001-08-24d Waiting for the green light.jpg 2001-08-25a Hills behind the house.jpg 2001-08-25b Sunset in Phoenix.jpg 2001-08-26 Still life with cat.jpg 2001-08-27a The bag.jpg 2001-08-27b The troublemaker.jpg 2001-08-28 Commodore Residence on Yerba Buena Island.jpg 2001-08-29 Reading Room MV Library.jpg
2001-08-30a Dinner Details.jpg 2001-08-30b Sushi Boats.jpg 2001-09-06 Silicon Valley Uniform.jpg 2001-09-07 Air-Cooled Engine.jpg 2001-09-09a Rollerblading in Foster City.jpg 2001-09-09b Reflections.jpg 2001-09-09c Foster City Waterline.jpg 2001-09-10 Attack!!.jpg
2001-09-11 Office Tower.jpg 2001-09-12 Bay Fauna.jpg 2001-09-13a New Human Life.jpg 2001-09-13b New Society Life.jpg 2001-09-14 Car Dirt.jpg 2001-09-18 Howdeey.jpg 2001-09-19 Stars And Stripes.jpg 2001-09-20 Wine Bar.jpg
2001-09-21a Tapas.jpg 2001-09-21b The tapas restaurant.jpg 2001-09-22a Bay Bridge going into the fog.jpg 2001-09-22b Patriotic Jogger on the Embarcadero.jpg 2001-09-22c GG Bridge and Twin Peaks above the fog.jpg 2001-09-22d The seal rock at left.jpg 2001-09-22e Point Bonita Lighthouse.jpg 2001-09-22f All Swedes!.jpg
2001-09-22g The Crawfish.jpg 2001-09-23a Dinner with Dana and Ally.jpg 2001-09-23b Goofing around for Ally.jpg 2001-09-23c Tossing Ally around at Target.jpg 2001-09-24a Missed another lightning.jpg 2001-09-24b Moccha Souffle.jpg 2001-09-24c Plump Jack Cafe.jpg 2001-09-25 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena Spider F1.jpg
2001-09-26 Mischievous Cat.jpg 2001-09-27 The Saga Continues - Silicon Valley Uniform II.jpg 2001-09-29a Daysail - the crew.jpg 2001-09-29b Daysail - SF streets.jpg 2001-09-29c Daysail - moi.jpg 2001-09-29d Daysail - Swimming.jpg 2001-09-29e Daysail - Anchor Dirt.jpg 2001-09-29f Daysail - Sausalito moonrise.jpg
2001-09-30a Across the GGB.jpg 2001-09-30b At Nicole and Andys.jpg 2001-10-01a CSU Chico Campus.jpg 2001-10-01b Free Speech Corner.jpg 2001-10-01c Strolling Students.jpg 2001-10-01d MIS Society VP of PR and President.jpg 2001-10-01e Sinner.jpg 2001-10-02a Think Tank.jpg
2001-10-02b Fog rolling in.jpg 2001-10-03 Silver equipment.jpg 2001-10-04 Sex and Fun.jpg 2001-10-05 Dinner From Milk Pail.jpg 2001-10-06a Sportsmobile.jpg 2001-10-06b Grimy guys in grimy pub.jpg 2001-10-06c Alea Flight.jpg 2001-10-06d Fast Asleep.jpg
2001-10-08a Model Marne.jpg 2001-10-08b Moi with too much gel.jpg 2001-10-08c Appetizers.jpg 2001-10-09a Rollerhockey Gang.jpg 2001-10-09b Jazz at the Prince of Wales Pub.jpg 2001-10-09c Pub Audience.jpg 2001-10-09d Hot French Fries.jpg 2001-10-10 Dog Love.jpg
2001-10-11a The other team plotting their next move.jpg 2001-10-11b FRA security.jpg 2001-10-11b Our team discussing how to kick butt.jpg 2001-10-11c Our quarterback explaining our strategy.jpg 2001-10-11d After the game.jpg 2001-10-13a Dim Sum round.jpg 2001-10-13b Some early dishes.jpg 2001-10-13c Green and white Buzz Lightyear and the spinach dumpling.jpg
2001-10-13d Rachel and Thomas.jpg 2001-10-13d2 Belly test.jpg 2001-10-13e Game 1 setup.jpg 2001-10-13f Does not taste that good.jpg 2001-10-13g Game 2.jpg 2001-10-13h The Octoberfest Hall.jpg 2001-10-13i Lovely German ladies.jpg 2001-10-13j Lovely German guys.jpg
2001-10-13k Madde and a pseudo-German.jpg 2001-10-13l The bottom pit.jpg 2001-10-15 SAP Breakfast Buffet.jpg 2001-10-16 Luke and the dog.jpg 2001-10-18a Waders.jpg 2001-10-18b Fingernails.jpg 2001-10-19a Despite the Caffein.jpg 2001-10-19b An Offering.jpg
2001-10-20a Almost a goal.jpg 2001-10-20b Everyone in motion.jpg 2001-10-20c Brutality.jpg 2001-10-20d Tapas Place.jpg 2001-10-21a He is flying under the Golden Gate Bridge.jpg 2001-10-21b Ode in red and white.jpg 2001-10-21c Moi, Soeren, and Tim.jpg 2001-10-21d Cool guy.jpg
2001-10-21e What can a man do.jpg 2001-10-21f The owners - Tom and Shyon.jpg 2001-10-21g 7.1 knots.jpg 2001-10-21h The beauties.jpg 2001-10-21i Ode in grey.jpg 2001-10-22 Halloween Preparation.jpg 2001-10-24a Milk Pail Outside.jpg 2001-10-24b Milk Pail Inside.jpg
2001-10-25a Farewell Fondue.jpg 2001-10-25b Blood is better than bread.jpg 2001-10-26a On my way to SF.jpg 2001-10-26b Software Industry Friendly.jpg 2001-10-26c Software Industry Unfriendly.jpg 2001-10-27a Diane as Rapunzel.jpg 2001-10-27b Moi as Mummy.jpg 2001-10-27c Getting away from the party.jpg
2001-10-27d Renewing the makeup.jpg 2001-10-27e Doris and Mike.jpg 2001-10-27f Ghastly creatures.jpg 2001-10-27g Poor tired bad pirate.jpg 2001-10-29 Downtown San Francisco.jpg 2001-10-30a Halloween Cube Decoration.jpg 2001-10-30b Shocking Liz with my spider.jpg 2001-10-31a Guess what they are.jpg
2001-10-31b Diane, Petra, and Susan.jpg 2001-10-31c My costume - sucked dry nuclear spider victim.jpg 2001-11-02a Getting ready for the parade.jpg 2001-11-02b Bride of death.jpg 2001-11-02c Nice eyes.jpg 2001-11-02d High-Tech Ghoul.jpg 2001-11-02e A woman and her mother.jpg 2001-11-02f Diane and me.jpg
2001-11-02g Sorry for sending this....jpg 2001-11-03a Sven preparing the salad.jpg 2001-11-03b The dinner round.jpg 2001-11-03c My friend Madde (with Helen).jpg 2001-11-05a Departure from SF.jpg 2001-11-05b Bent wings of a 777.jpg 2001-11-05c Attack aftermath.jpg 2001-11-05d Lovely German November weather.jpg
2001-11-06 My Rental Car.jpg 2001-11-07a The difference.jpg 2001-11-07b Expansion I.jpg 2001-11-07c Expansion II.jpg 2001-11-07d With Mega and Thomas.jpg 2001-11-07e Main Dish.jpg 2001-11-08a Saint Martin riding in front.jpg 2001-11-08b Children lining up by class.jpg
2001-11-08c My sister and I had a lantern too.jpg 2001-11-08d Our lantern.jpg 2001-11-08e Lanterns I.jpg 2001-11-08f Lanterns II.jpg 2001-11-08g Lanterns III.jpg 2001-11-08h Singing for candy.jpg 2001-11-08i Checking out the pictures of the parade.jpg 2001-11-09a Theresa plays Thelma and Louise.jpg
2001-11-09b German Bakery.jpg 2001-11-09c 1966 Riesling.jpg 2001-11-09d Irene cooked a Wok dish.jpg 2001-11-10a Scratching Ice.jpg 2001-11-10b FRA security check number 2.jpg 2001-11-17 Exhaustion.jpg 2001-11-18a Lounge.JPG 2001-11-18b Airline Food.jpg
2001-11-18c Amenities.jpg 2001-11-18d Male Benefits.JPG 2001-11-18e Ode in White and Blue.jpg 2001-11-19 Nice Weather.jpg 2001-11-20 Rubber Ducky.jpg 2001-11-21a Tomato Mousse.jpg 2001-11-21a Walldorf Air Strip.jpg 2001-11-21b Johann Jakob Astor.jpg
2001-11-21b Lobster Cappucino.jpg 2001-11-21c Salmon With Warm Potato Salad.jpg 2001-11-21c Susanne With Company Poster.jpg 2001-11-21d Fall Impressions.jpg 2001-11-21e German Cheesecake.jpg 2001-11-21f 2 Pulled Wisdom Teeth Later.jpg 2001-11-23a Weather 7am.jpg 2001-11-23b Weather 8.30 am.jpg
2001-11-23c Weather 9.20am.jpg 2001-11-23d Weather 3pm.jpg 2001-11-24 Smart Car.jpg 2001-11-25 Euro Prices.jpg 2001-11-26 Cheaper in the US.jpg 2001-11-27a As cold as Germany.jpg 2001-11-27b Same Xmas Cookies As Germany.jpg 2001-11-27c But Sushi From The Supermarket!.jpg
2001-11-27d World Internet Center.jpg 2001-11-27e Price Correction.jpg 2001-11-28 Cipro.jpg 2001-11-29 Fruit and Veggies.jpg 2001-11-30 Piggy Breakfast.jpg 2001-12-01a Cartridge Kit.jpg 2001-12-01b Rachel's Birthday.jpg 2001-12-02 Cabbages.jpg
2001-12-03 Apple Shop.jpg 2001-12-04 In Mud Concert.jpg 2001-12-05 Burgers and Beer.jpg 2001-12-08a SF Main Library.jpg 2001-12-08b SF City Hall.jpg 2001-12-11 Video Conference.jpg 2001-12-12a Entrance to Customer Center.jpg 2001-12-12b Sun Sparc Stations.jpg
2001-12-12c Sun Purple.jpg 2001-12-12d Sun Demo.jpg 2001-12-12e Simplification Group Xmas Party.jpg 2001-12-12f Rebecca.jpg 2001-12-12g The bill.jpg 2001-12-14a New building outside.jpg 2001-12-14b View.jpg 2001-12-15a Half the group.jpg
2001-12-15b Winter lake.jpg 2001-12-15c Luis Trenker pose.jpg 2001-12-15d Ragna showing Yoga.jpg 2001-12-15e Tim trying to follow.jpg 2001-12-15f Hot tub and snow.jpg 2001-12-15g Feuerzangenbowle.jpg 2001-12-18a The Silicon Gulch Jazz Band.jpg 2001-12-18b The good food we have.jpg
2001-12-18c We gracefully declined.jpg 2001-12-19 Tim and Elena.jpg 2001-12-20a Blue Streak.jpg 2001-12-20b El Vez.jpg 2001-12-21a Bar at Shanghai 1930.jpg 2001-12-21b Red Herring Booth.jpg 2001-12-21c Boulevard Kitchen.jpg 2001-12-21d Dinner at Boulevard.jpg
2001-12-21e Ozuma Dining Area.jpg 2001-12-21f Ozuma Dining Detail.jpg 2001-12-21g Doris at Ozuma.jpg 2001-12-23a The puppies.jpg 2001-12-23b Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.jpg 2001-12-23c Some Guests.jpg 2001-12-23d World Premiere.jpg 2001-12-23e Shyon preparing the gift exchange.jpg
2001-12-23f Rebecca Is Happy.jpg 2001-12-23g Mermaid.jpg 2001-12-25a Andy laboring in the kitchen.jpg 2001-12-25b Dinner.jpg 2001-12-25c Merry Christmas.jpg 2001-12-25d Fun With Party Poppers.jpg 2001-12-25e Christmas Pudding.jpg 2001-12-25f The wall.jpg
2001-12-26a Rollerblading.jpg 2001-12-26b Soup.jpg 2001-12-27a The Netflix Package.jpg 2001-12-27b My Rental Queue.jpg 2001-12-28a Dinner Round.jpg 2001-12-28b Soup.jpg