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"Rebuilding Together" 4/28/01

There is a non-profit organization called Rebuilding Together. Once a year in April companies can announce teams which want to help for a day to do some community work. This year my colleague Mark Finnern collected about 35 people from SAP Labs, SAP Markets, and SAP America. SAP sponsored us with food. We met in the morning at "Little Hollywood Park" in South San Francisco. Two people from the park administration were there to guide us in repainting benches, sifting the sandbox sand, and weeding a hill and replanting it. It was a lot of fun! I can't wait to go there in half a year and check what the hill looks like after a summer of water and sun.

01 Receiving instructions 02 Starting with a little workout 03 The other side 04 Getting ready for the hill behind us 05 Starting to attack the hill... all weeds needed to be cleared
01 Receiving ins... 02 Starting with... 03 The other sid... 04 Getting ready... 05 Starting to a...
06 Painting the benches. Please note the green color. 07 This is the dog who rubbed against our nice green bench 08 Sandsifters... please note Helmut's pretty sifted sand hill 09 Moi... less pretty, but motivated. Was quite hard work! 10 Lunch break
06 Painting the ... 07 This is the d... 08 Sandsifters..... 09 Moi... less p... 10 Lunch break.jpg
11 Helmut enjoying his well-deserved break. He was a sand-sifting maniac! 12 Pia and Miri (chewing) 13 Willi's fresh power after the break 14 The hill is getting there 15 The final result with 100 or so new plants, waiting to grow into a nice park
11 Helmut enjoyi... 12 Pia and Miri ... 13 Willi's fresh... 14 The hill is g... 15 The final res...
16 Shooting hoops after the work 17 We did it! Next year, again, for sure
16 Shooting hoop... 17 We did it! Ne...