February 2002: Sailing St. Lucia and St. Vincent & The Grenadines

We were 11 people and chartered 2 catamarans to go sailing for 10 days. I went a few days earlier to St. Lucia and explored the island, and also stayed with the others afterwards for a few days in a hotel. I am hooked on cat sailing, the boats offer so much space and your rum drinks never spill!

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000 Day 1 - St. Lucia, Exploring the North.jpg 001 View of the Hyatt from Pigeon Island.JPG 002 Pigeon Island ruins.JPG 003 North side of the causeway leading to Pigeon Island.JPG 006 Shimmering sea.JPG 013 Boat heading south toward St. Vincent.JPG 016 Nice villa near the Northern cape.JPG
019 My artistic side....JPG 021 Day 2 - St. Lucia, Exploring the West Coast.jpg 023 Marigot Bay, where we later would pick up the boats.JPG 026 Lava fields.JPG 029 Rain clouds over the Pitons.JPG 033 Hilton hotel scenically located between the Pitons.JPG 036 Colorful boats on the beach.JPG
037 Day 3 -  Relaxing on a Rainy Day.jpg 039 Enticing... almost followed this example and gave up my job at SAP.JPG 043 Ruins near the airport in rainy weather.JPG 046 A huge cannonball, almost overgrown.JPG 049 Happy Caribbean colors competing with the drizzle.JPG 051 Days 4 and 5 -  Beach.jpg 053 Bougainvillea.JPG
056 Some other plant, liked the color.JPG 059 Palm leaf.JPG 063 Looks almost like a painting.JPG 066 Break at the Hyatt.JPG 069 Last evening on my own - breakers at Rodney Bay.JPG 071 Day 6 - Meeting the Others and Sleeping on the Boat.jpg 073 The Moorings base - yachts ready to be chartered.JPG
076 Chart briefing.JPG 079 Alex explained everything - and everything was 'just wonderful, you will have so much fun'.JPG 083 This is the northern Part of our sailing area - St. Lucia. We started somewhere on the left in the middle.JPG 086 The middle part - St. Vincent and some islands South of it.JPG 089 The southern part including the Tobago Cays, our southernmost sailing area.JPG 093 First evening - tired after after a long flight.JPG 096 Restaurant decoration - everything is slow here... 'on island time'.JPG
097 Day 7 - St. Lucia Marigot Bay to Pitons.jpg 099 The shopping group returns.JPG 103 Ready to head out - one of our two boats, 'Keyif' with home port Duesseldorf (smile).JPG 106 Bows cutting through the water.JPG 109 Favourite hangout spot - the trampoline.JPG 113 First sunset at the Pitons.JPG 115 A cruise ship gliding by in the night.JPG
119 First cocktail round.JPG 120 Day 8 - St. Lucia Pitons to St. Vincent Grand Byahaut.jpg 203 A rain squall approaching, and....JPG 206 ... the helmsman gets a free shower.JPG 209 Doug and Tracy steering.JPG 211 The reefing chart we blissfully ignored.JPG 213 Passing St. Vincent.JPG
216 Playing.JPG 219 Local sailboats are slightly smaller.JPG 223 Our second night's stop, the cozy bay Grand Byahaut.JPG 226 Our dinghy secured to a palm tree... we went ashore for drinks.JPG 229 The extremely potent rum punch... it was destined to be a party night.JPG 233 Our boat, the sunset, and the skipper couple... pure romance.JPG 236 Sunset and another boat still heading south.JPG
239 Rum punches make women look slanted.JPG 243 Thoroughly grilled chicken.JPG 246 The party starts.....JPG 249 Mary and her Scuba goggle dance.JPG 253 Eternal friendship... or just plainly plastered.JPG 256 More dancing.JPG 259 Ecstasy.JPG
263 Ah... the halyard swing!.jpg 266 Happy to be home after the wild party night.JPG 267 Day 9 - Grand Byahaut to Bequia.jpg 269 Ready to kill at least 4 sharks on the dive tour.JPG 273 Parties with water jumps require money laundering operations the next day.JPG 276 First dive trip.JPG 279 Nice, breezy sail.JPG
283 Approaching Bequia... that wild photographer in the waves.JPG 286 Large, but tranquil Bequia harbour.JPG 289 The cute walkway from the pier to the customes house.JPG 293 Colors.JPG 296 Doing customs and immigration into 'St. Vincent and the Grenadines'.JPG 299 The nice-looking customs house.JPG 303 More colors.JPG
306 Henry and schoolgirls collecting money.JPG 309 Dinner ashore... Paul and his little lobster.JPG 310 Day 10 - Bequia to Tobago Cays.jpg 313 They bring water, ice, fuel... and even pick up and deliver laundry!.JPG 316 Under the hull, seen from the emergency hatch.JPG 319 Michelle preparin a lunch snack.JPG 323 At our anchoring spot at the Tobago Cays... flat green water up to the reef.JPG
326 Rain approaching.JPG 329 Boats getting washed.JPG 333 Paul getting wet from all sides.JPG 336 Happy hour appetizers.JPG 339 Competing with the happy house colors.JPG 443 Show me your burrito!.jpg 446 Evening entertainment - spoons.JPG
447 Day 11 - Daytrip to Palm Island.jpg 449 Catching the morning sun.JPG 453 Arriving on our day trip to Palm Island.JPG 456 Enjoying Palm Island.JPG 459 Amy exploring.JPG 463 As we later saw - we should not have taken the South Passage... too late!.JPG 466 Curry night.JPG
469 Michelle demonstrating her wild fingers.jpg 470 Day 12 - Tobago Cays to Mustique via Salt Whistle Bay.jpg 473 Lunch stop in Salt Whistle Bay - Paul and Mary playing....JPG 476 Our two boats in Salt Whistle Bay.JPG 479 Sheer bliss!.JPG 481 Arriving at private island Mustique.JPG 483 Is it the house of Princess Margaret or Migg Jagger or....JPG
485 And that would be their yachts.JPG 486 Henry in his element - boat fixing.JPG 489 Tracy preparing lunch.JPG 493 Happy Hour snacks.JPG 494 Day 13 - Mustique to Bequia.jpg 496 Oli made breakfast.JPG 499 Insanely green water in Mustique.JPG
503 A short ride to our next scuba spot.JPG 506 Another scuba party.JPG 509 Our lunch stop at Isle A Quatre, Lagoon Bay.JPG 513 Mary showing us her one-sided ear sunburn.jpg 516 And again - Party! Keith Richards on the right (and they got of course lost that night).JPG 519 After some drinks ashore - first casualty Keith.JPG 520 Day 14 - Bequia to St. Vincent, Chateaubelair.jpg
523 Our beautiful next stop where we stayed 2 nights - St. Vincent, Chateaubelair.JPG 526 Our cats lined up.JPG 529 Lots of playing in the water.jpg 533 And a master jump by Paul.JPG 536 Ah, it looked so nice!.JPG 539 Sunset behind that little island.JPG 540 Day 15 - Hanging out at Chateaubelair.jpg
543 Dinghy captain Doug was always on duty.JPG 546 Ruth in full camouflage.JPG 549 The graces.jpg 553 And I asked them whether they could so something for the camera, eg Synchronized Swimming... and they could!.jpg 556 2nd night sunset.JPG 559 Pink drinks and pink skies.JPG 563 The night we all hung out on te trampoline and watched shooting stars.JPG
564 Day 16 - Chateaubelair to St. Lucia, Pitons.jpg 566 The next morning... maybe there is a god after all.JPG 569 Dinner up above between the Pitons.JPG 573 Our boats are down there on the left.JPG 576 Lots of wine!.JPG 577 Day 17 - Pitons to Marigot Bay and Hyatt.jpg 579 Wonderful what duct tape can be used for.JPG
583 Smooth ride withour much wind.JPG 586 The other boat was of course partying.JPG 589 Body reflection in the smooth water.JPG 593 She did our boat check-in ... cute!.JPG 596 At the Hyatt hotel - this time a sunset from ashore.JPG 597 Days 18-20 - Hyatt Hotel.jpg 599 Waking up in the hotel - the view from the room.JPG
603 Kids by the pool.JPG 606 My last evening (alone) - street party in....JPG 609 Here all the fisherman sold grilled seafood (and 'bakes').JPG 613 The popular party ('jump-up') at Gros Islet.JPG 616 In Gros Islet they grill chicken on the street.JPG 617 Day 21 - Last half day on St Lucia.jpg 619 Small boats and big boats at the Hyatt.JPG
623 Castries market.JPG 626 Fish vendor.JPG 629 Spices.JPG 633 Bury me here, please.JPG 636 A last view - Castries airport.JPG    

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